Graphic Dot Matrix LCD module Display driver Library

The KS07xx family GUI display driver library package is an implementation of the powerful and flexible high-level application interface functions and features set common for RAMTEX B&W Dot Matrix library packages.
Full support for graphic drawing, graphic symbol and icon output, international font handling, dynamic text output, etc.

See Common B&W GUI Interface Description and features

Black and White display driver library

The KS07xx family GUI C source driver library is optimized for use in small embedded systems using B&W display modules with these LCD display controller types (COG types with display controller + screen driver on-chip):
KS0713 KS0715 KS0717 KS0718 KS0719 KS0723 KS0724 KS0728 KS0741 KS0755 KS0759 EM65565 EPL43102 EPL65132 NJU6570 NJU6575 NJU6673 NJU6675 NJU6676 NJU6677 NJU6678 NJU6679 NT7501 NT7502 NT7506 NT7508 NT7532 NT7534 NT7538 NT75451 S1D10605 S1D10606 S1D10607 S1D10608 S1D10609 S1D15600 S1D15601 S1D15602 S1D15605 S1D15705 S1D15707 S1D15708 S1D15710 S1D15714 S1D15719 SED1565 S6B0713 S6B0715 S6B0716 S6B0717 S6B0718 S6B0719 S6B0721 S6B0723 S6B0724 S6B0725 S6B0728 S6B0741 S6B0755 S6B0759 S6B1713 SED1530 SED1531 SED1532 SED1533 SED1534 SED1535 SED1560 SED1561 SED1562 S1D15605 SPLC501 SPLC502 SPLC501C SSD1805 SSD1815 SSD1852 ST7533 ST7541 ST7565S ST7565 ST7567 ST7571 TL0313 TL0324S UC1601 UC1602 UC1604 UC1605 UC1606 UC1607 UC1608 UC1701 IST3015
OLED display controller types:
. PT6866 SH1101A SSD0303 SSD1303 SSD1305 SSD1306 SSD1309
and equivalents.

Features, KS07xx display controller family hardware related

  • This library package is optimized for the KS07xx display controller family
  • All dot matrix display screen sizes supported by display controller (configurable). For instance: 64x64, 132x64, 240x64, 240x128, etc.
  • Library is designed for use with embedded processors. Small memory foot print.
  • Can operate directly on internal video buffer in the display controller chip. No need for a graphic video buffer in processor RAM.
  • Bort parallel bus and serial bus supported
  • Supports 0-90-180-270 degree screen rotation.
  • Support for large display modules using 2 or 4 independent LCD / OLED controllers.
  • Support for LCD / OLED controller chips in master / slave mode.
  • Display module bus can be connected to an external processor bus (direct I/O), or to processor I/O pins (single-chip processors). Template access functions and documentation for HAL customizations to single-chip processors, or serial bus interface (SPI), are included with the library.
  • Directly display controller memory I/O (minimum RAM consumption), or fast delayed update via RAM buffer.
  • Free user definition of special symbols.
  • Full support for Virtual Fonts, icons, and pictures stored in external memory devices.
  • Full support for Virtual Files, text and appl. data stored in external memory devices.
  • B&W LCD PC-simulator included for debugging of target applications with standard PC compilers.

More information

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PC mode demo

Start download of the Graphic LCD driver demo for Windows. ( = 358K bytes)
This run-time demo is a normal "embedded" GUI application using the library C source code and compiled with Microsoft Visual C/C++. The RAMTEX LCD PC simulator server is used for display controller screen output.