Graphic display controller libraries
for embedded processor systems

  • GUI display driver libraries with a powerful and flexible feature set.
  • Create any GUI style most optimal for your specific application area.
  • C-source code libraries for a standard-conforming C or C++ compiler.
  • No display MCU RAM image needed: Use large displays with small MCU.

Starting a New GUI design, or Reuse of GUI design investment?

  • In both cases you can benefit from using the RAMTEX GUI display driver libraries
  • Make your GUI application portable across display controller types
  • Reuse your software design investments across multiple products with different display types.
  • Make it easier to upgrade display controller hardware during the life time of your product.
RGB applications
GUI RGB display driver libraries
Grey applications
GUI Grey display driver libraries
B&W applications
GUI BW display driver libraries
Support Tools

Support tools

  • Accelerate your GUI application development by use of PC simulation mode.
  • Test your GUI application by use of PC compilers, and your real display module hardware connected the PC via IOTester
  • Reduce your processor ROM consumption with the "Virtual-Fonts" generator. Fetch font data directly from external memory when used. No RAM buffering required.
Personal Support

Mail Support

  • Please feel free to contact support if you need help with selecting the right RAMTEX library for your display controller type. We also add new controller types.
  • Three months free "Getting started support" via email is included with every purchase of a software library.
  • Support is given by skilled professionals with experience in embedded software development.

Font, Symbol and Text manipulation tool - IconEdit

  • Create fonts and images for small processor systems.
  • Save font and images as C source code. Used by the GUI libraries.
  • Use Windows True-Type fonts or the bundled fonts as template for your font design.
  • Minimize ROM consumption with smaller, language specific or application specific, fonts.
  • Reduce ROM consumption of your texts by converting Unicode text strings to UTF-8.
  • Extended text and font support for Middle Eastern and South Asian languages.
  • Processor, display controller and platform independent source format.
  • Reuse your fonts and graphic work across different target systems.
  • Purchase an IconEdit license bundled with ready-made font libraries.