Graphic display driver libraries for embedded processor systems

Speed up your embedded GUI program development with ready made display controller driver libraries and fonts.

C source libraries for embedded GUI applications

GUI display controller driver libraries Graphic User Interface display controller driver library packages with a powerful and flexible feature set. Software support for Color RGB, Grey-level, and B&W Graphic Display controllers typically used with LCD / TFT / OLED display modules. Optimized for use in small embedded processor systems. The processor and OS-independent C source code assure full portability. Require only use of a standard-conforming C, C++, or EC++ compiler.

Create symbol and fonts with IconEdit

Import and convert BMP and PNG images to C source code Create Icons and Fonts for use with embedded processor applications.
Design logos, buttons, icons and fonts for Dot Matrix LCD, OLED, and TFT displays.
Save as C source code for use with RAMTEX display driver libraries.
Comprehensive support for international codepages, national fonts, etc.

Debug embedded I/O chip driver code on the PC

Connect embedded I/O chips and displays to the PC Connect I/O hardware, such as display modules, display controllers, touch screen chips, etc. to the PC via IOTester, and use "embedded" hardware directly from an ordinary PC program. Simple and easy.
Use and test embedded I/O hardware directly from an ordinary PC program application.
Speed "embedded" GUI program development with fast turn-around times during testing and debugging.
Get I/O driver C source code portability between PC compilers and target processor compilers.

Display controller Top 100 list

See which Display Controller types are currently the most popular

The list show type numbers for the 100 currently most popular COG and stand-alone display controller chip types used on, or with, small and medium sized display modules. The list is arranged in alphabetical order and covers display controller types from different display controller chip vendors used by different display module vendors.

This Display Controller Top 100 list is regularly updated.

Looking for a display driver library for your display controller type: Search your display controller type number in the list above and go directly to the Graphic GUI display driver library package with information and C source code support for your display controller chip.

Your display controller type was not found? You will find display driver support for more display controller types here.
If your display controller type number is not in any of the lists, or you have questions, please feel free to contact RAMTEX

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