The Asian Font Library

The Asian CJK font library contains national symbols and characters from several Asian countries:

  • Simplified Chinese for Mainland China, Singapore, and Malaysia.
  • Traditional Chinese for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and Chinese in North America.
  • Japanese.
  • Korean.

Together with the European font library it covers most of the World.

The grey-level anti-alias CJK characters has sizes from 24x24, 32x32, 40x40, 48x48, to 64x64:

Asian Font Library AA character sizes

The black & white CJK characters has sizes from 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 40x40, 48x48, to 64x64:

Asian Font Library BW character sizes

The Asian font library has about 40000 characters in each font, and they cover:

  • ASCII - Numbers and American English
  • Chinese Bopomofo - Zhuyin Characters for writing pronunciation of spoken Chinese and Mandarin
  • Chinese Simple - Hanzi Ideographs used in Chinese in China, Singapore and Malaysia
  • Chinese Traditional - Hanzi Ideographs used for Chinese in Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • Japanese Kyouiku Kanji - Kanji Ideographs used for basic education in Japanese
  • Japanese Jouyou Kanji - All Kanji Ideographs used for higher education in Japanese
  • Japanese Jinmeiyou Kanji - All Kanji Ideographs needed for Names and Japanese Language Proficiency
  • Japanese Hiragana - Characters for writing words for which there are no Kanji or Ideograph
  • Japanese Katakana - Characters for writing words from Other Languages or Technical Terms
  • Korean Basic Hanja - Hanja Ideographs generally known in Korea
  • Korean Hanja - Hanja Ideographs at HighSchool level in Korea
  • Korean Hangul - Hangul Ideographs covered by the South Korean Standard for pronunciation
  • Unified Ideographs Han - Additional Chinese and Japanese characters in Unicode Basic Language Plane
  • Unified Ideographs Han Extension A - Additional Chinese and Japanese characters in Unicode Basic Language Plane

Works with RAMTEX display driver libraries.

For these fonts with a large memory footprint ranging from 1,443,784 Bytes to 82,455,884 Bytes, the RAMTEX GLCD and GCLCD drivers let you store the fonts in external virtual memory devices. See further at:

For large fonts it is highly recommended to use the IconEdit tool for customizing the fonts. In this way these Asian fonts can be used as master fonts from which smaller product specific fonts can be generated. See further about removing unused characters at Creating ROM optimized fonts. Or Download the IconEdit Quick Guide manual and see further about removing unused characters at IconEditQuickGuide.pdf Chapter 05.B How to reduce a font to fit a text catalogue or IconEditQuickGuide.pdf Chapter 05.A How to reduce an existing font to fit a language. In this last case use the appropriate CJK Basic filters:

Basic language filters for cjk fonts

Other Langusges

Languages based on Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, and Vietnamese characters are covered by the Included European font library.

Included pre-defined fonts More about the included European Font Library.

South East Asian languages are usually defined by Unicode as basic characters+diacritics that has to be combined for specific texts.

Asiatic Text Support More about the C string pre-processor for South Asian texts.

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