Graphic drawing and image conversion.

See and edit icons, characters, and fonts with exactly the same pixel and color resolution as used by the real display module in the target system.

IconEdit makes it easy to convert Windows fonts and images to C source code

Work with several data sets at the same time.

  • IconEdit can open many data sets at the same time.
  • Display and edit any 2 data sets at the same time for easy reference.
  • Copy and paste Symbols, Icons, and Characters between data sets.
  • Characters keep their Unicode code-point when copied to other fonts.

Exact pixel and color resolution.

Convert pictures and images from BMP, PNG, and JPG formats to C source symbol format. The conversion is done with exact pixel and color resolution. Then the symbol can be re-sized, cropped and edited.

Photograph converted to a small image with semi-transparent text as watermark

Here a JPG photograph has gone through several operations. First, it is converted to a symbol and cropped to the desired size. Then it is framed in a rectangle with rounded corners. Finally, it is overwritten with a semi-transparent text before the image is saved as a C source symbol file.

Extensive icon, symbol, and character drawing facilities.

IconEdit provides extensive graphic drawing facilities for easy creation and editing of symbols.

Drawing tools for different shapes Drawing tools for different functions Drawing tools for moving, mirroring and turning the symbol Drawing tools for character position, spacing and redraw Help tools for glyph size, alignment, and display

The toolbox for symbols and characters provides various tools:

  • lines, figures, and shapes.
  • texts with or without anti-aliasing.
  • four different kinds of flood filling strategies.
  • scrolling mirroring and turning.
  • cropping.
  • color picker for tool and background color.
  • reference lines and frames.

anti-alias drawing tools for different shapes Drawing tools for different functions with anti-alias text Drawing tools for moving, mirroring and turning part of the symbol

Some tools have several working modes.

  • Normal or anti-aliased lines, figures, and texts are indicated by different colors of the tool.
  • A blue frame indicates operation within a frame.

Support for use of color palettes

Support for color mapping/conversion of symbol pixel colors to palette table indexes. This makes it possible to reduce full RGB 24-bit per pixel color images to 2, 4 or 8-bits per pixel. Use the build-in color optimizer in IconEdit can make an optimized palette. Then convert the image to a palette based symbol with only a small loss of color precision. The image resolution is not changed by this operation.

Four-bit Palette with 16 standard colors

Four-bit Optimized Palette for Falcon Photograph

Use palettes for working tool colors as an efficient way to maintain a uniform color look. The look will be consistent over time and across all symbols and fonts.

Pure black and white Palette with a toggle function

Two-bit Palette with 4 grey-tones and a toggle function

Palettes for B&W and 2-bit Grey have an extra toggle “color” for faster editing.

32-bit ARGB Palette with 256 colors and transparency modifiers

Palettes for 32-bit ARGB semi-transparency have a transparency indicator for each color. The palette has extra false “colors” for changing transparency with normal drawing tools.

Use of a palette based symbols are ideal for ROM memory optimization of simple RGB symbols. Speed up drawing with display controllers that provide palette hardware support.

Other editing and conversion functions