Color conversion of fonts, images, and symbols.

Convert between 17 different color modes.

Import and convert pictures.

Use import of existing bit-map pictures (name.bmp, name.jpg, name.png). Convert to symbols with the same pixel color resolution as used by the target display.

Low Contrast original logo

Or use the simple conversion of low contrast color designs to high contrast anti-alias gray-level symbols.

High Contrast gray-tone logo for rendering in any color

This example shows a low contrast logo design imported from a *.png file and converted to high contrast anti-alias gray-tone. The logo can then be rendered later with any combination of text and background color.

Change color resolution.

Change in color resolution is a one-click operation. Convert directly between:

  • 32-bit semi-transparent ARGB
  • 8, 16, 24-bit color RGB
  • 2, 4, 8-bit gray intensity level anti-alias
  • 2, 4, 8-bit gray color
  • 1-bit B&W pixel colors.

Color Mode Selector

IconEdit can change any color mode to any other color mode by selecting a new color mode.

Icons in color

Here a group of 4-bit per pixel palette-based color icons is changed to:

Icons in gray anti-alias

2-bit per pixel Grey Intensity Level anti-alias or:

Icons in black and white

1-bit per pixel Black & White to save memory space. In both cases they can later be rendered in any color the display is capable of.

Other editing and conversion functions