Customized Solutions

Our development department RAMTEX Engineering ApS make Customized solutions. We deliver extensions to our existing Standard Products. You get access to the same experienced senior engineer. We understand and solve your requirement for efficient micro-controller based C-source code.

RAMTEX Engineering Customized C-source

Improve your products

Send us a request for a text font or some symbols. One of our font and language experts then design a brief suggestion for you to accept. We then create the complete design for you.

Have other Display control drivers and further GUI features added to our libraries. We have a large software portfolio and experience.

If you consider our help, then see how we handle your request. Development tasks range from a few hours to some days. We know that our delivery may be a small part of your product.

Use RAMTEX as technical advisor and developer. We add new communication interfaces and upgrade user interfaces to existing products.

Take advantage of our specialized GPIO HAL layer driver knowledge at RAMTEX. Get the full performance from your CPU system. Omit the overhead of generalized demo software packages.

Have a complete solution

RAMTEX delivers and maintains complete solutions for customers. We design for long term usage, having 20+ year designs in production and make updates on some 10+ year designs.

RAMTEX designs complete CPU system boards for embedded use. We make demo- or production PC applications. This includes interface implementation to an embedded systems, often by internet or USB.

We design with peripheral drivers, sensor interfaces, communication protocols and instrument control. We do the system management, none-volatile data management and multi-language user interfaces.

Our deliveries include the full source code.

During the years RAMTEX has gained a great experience to solve complex software and hardware faults in third party systems. Our design include multiple mission critical systems. We continously improves our high quality.