Fonts and Symbols as C source code

Convert Windows fonts, images, and texts to to C source fonts and symbols.

Source code generation

IconEdit can convert fonts and images to a general human-readable C source format:

  • Save fonts and symbols from IconEdit as C source code (tables and structures). Then compile the fonts and symbols into your embedded application.
  • The C source code can be used with RAMTEX Virtual fonts for easy storage in external data memory, for instance a serial flash chip.
  • Create, load. and save color palettes as C source code (tables), either as stand-alone working palettes or as part of a palette-based font or group of symbols.
  • Import and convert BMP, JPG, or PNG pictures. Edit and re-size to fit your embedded application. Draw text and graphics on an image. Save a group of images as one C source code file. This is ideal for buttons with special effects.

Convert Many Input formats to One Output format

Many input formats One output format

Import characters, fonts, and images from many sources and convert them all to the same general data format with IconEdit:

  • Convert True Type and Open Type vector fonts already installed in Windows to black & white, gray-tone anti-alias, or color fonts.
  • Convert Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format (BDF) pixel fonts to black & white symbol fonts.
  • Convert Pictures and images to symbols or symbol groups with full or reduced color and pixel resolution. Symbol groups are ideal for animation.
  • Convert Texts in any language to text optimized fonts with only the characters in the text.
  • Find and convert Text strings from C code text catalogs to text optimized fonts with only the characters in the text strings.

Source code portability

C Source code from IconEdit

Save fonts, symbols, and groups of symbols in a general human-readable C source format:

  • All RAMTEX Color and B&W display controller driver libraries support the same basic symbol and font C source code format. This makes fonts and symbols portable across display controller types and target hardware.
  • B&W (two-color) symbols are compatible with both B&W and Color display driver libraries.
  • Gray-level symbols and anti-aliased fonts are compatible with Color display driver libraries.
  • RGB Color symbols are compatible with RGB Color libraries. IconEdit can convert the symbols to gray for use with Gray-level libraries.

Other editing and conversion functions