Try it - Download IconEdit

The zip file includes the full IconEdit product, including a font library, examples, and pdf manuals.
IconEdit runs in Color or B&W Demo Mode until a valid license key has been entered.
In Demo Mode data can be saved in ief format, bdf format, and several image formats.
The ief, bdf, and image files can be converted to C-source code when you have entered a valid license key.

Build a Star with transparent layers

Runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or 11 with 1024x600 or bigger full color screen.

No installation on your PC: Just fetch and unpack the zip file and you are ready to go.

Download the zip file for IconEdit Download the full IconEdit package as a zip file.

Wait patiently for about 31Mb to download, then make a new directory and move the zip file there.

Right click the zip file to unpack about 87Mb and start IconEdit:

This is the first time IconEdit start dialog box:

Register IconEdit Licence Key

If you accept the license conditions, but have no license key click Run IconEdit in Color Demo Mode (or B&W if you prefer).

This is the normal IconEdit start dialog box for color mode of IconEdit:

Create New Color Symbol

You can now start your IconEdit by creating a new Font, a new Color symbol, or open a Font, Symbol, Text, or Image File.

To make a color symbol set a new size such as 110x24, choose a color mode such as 32 bit ARGB (for transparency) and click Create New Color Symbol.

To make a text symbol click the text button for anti-alias text and write Hello World on the keyboard:

Text In Frame Button

IconEdit Hello World

Press the Save DataSet As New File... button to save the symbol in "C" format if you have a license, or .ief format if you do not:

Save dataset as new file

This is it !

IconEdit font and symbol editor home IconEdit font and symbol editor home