Customization Orders and Deliveries

We handle many different orders. You are welcome to phone us and present your task or simply contact us per mail or use our contact info. We will respond to your requirements. Our engineers handle most tasks.

Product based orders

Many orders are based upon one of our graphic library products. If so, then you shall have a new version of the GLCD library and perhaps also some additional products.

If it is necessary, then we can sign a mutual NDA and you then present your ideas - perhaps including some background information. We may then have to solve some questions. Then we usually create a running prototype. The prototype runs on our PC simulator and we send the executable to you, so you can test our demo out yourself.

GUI design often requires some iterations to meet all expectations. Our Font designers can create unique fonts for your design. Just present a few characters as reference.

Implementation of a new GLCD driver for a graphics controller is often two stage: First, you get a running driver to be added to your existing library, then you get a complete GLCD library update.

Design of a customized font and symbols require a sketch or similar from you. Then our font designer make a brief sample to you. When this meet your expectations, then we made the complete design.

Customization order and delivery

A typical order sequence example for a GUI customization order.