Pick any Unicode Character and convert it to UTF-8 or UTF-16

The character picker lets you pick any Unicode character with the mouse and copy it to the Clip-Board for use in your texts or fonts

Character Picker for Unicode Characters and Converter for UTF-8 and UTF-16

Whatever you pick will be converted automatically to UTF-8 hexadecimal, UTF-16 hexadecimal, and UTF-32 hexadecimal in either classic or modern C notation.

All 4 text windows can be used for output to the clipboard and input from the keyboard or the clipboard.

UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32 can be converted back to Unicode with the Update button.

Converting Unicode texts based on the Latin alphabet to UTF-8 can save almost 50% memory space.

Converting Unicode texts to UTF-8 makes it possible to have Unicode text support in classic 8-bit compilers.

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