Command-line Batch Commands for Easy Update of Your Projects

The batch commands are for maintenance and update of your projects with these possibilities:

  • Generate C-source code fonts from the command line.
  • Make text optimized fonts from a master font.
  • Modify optimized fonts with new texts.
  • Bulk convert images to C-source code format.
  • Convert classic 8-bit texts to Unicode and make Unicode fonts.
  • Create combined characters for Asiatic languages and modify texts.
  • Make Arabic presentation characters and modify texts for them.
  • Modify Middle Eastern texts for left-to-right displays.
  • Convert texts to and from UTF-8

Batch command and parameter list:

StartFile can be of the types .c .sym .bdf .h .cbn .bin .ief, or .
:Height for new files, can be almost any value, but heights under 12 are not recommended
:A (Master Font) add missing characters in Input Font, Master Font is optional
:B ext bulk convert to symbol format ext can be bmp, png, jpg, jpeg, bdf, ief, sym, .bin
:C value character width of added characters 50% to150%
:D monospace font
:E d/i/k/w+value encoding of classic 8-bit texts in InputText and OutputText
:F OutputFont is always optimized C-source code symbol format of type .c or .sym
:G value edge pixel value of added characters 13% to 187% for greytone and 58% to 148% for b&w
:H y/n yes or no to private characters in output text string as Hexadecimal, else as normal Characters
:J OutputText text fitting OutputFont, should be same type as InputText
:K keep width of InputFont in OutputFont by squeezing any larger new added characters
:M y/n yes or no to Match output text string character type, string prefix, and hexadecimal notation
:N y/n yes or no to add U to unsigned values
:O InputText optimize font for text, InputText can be of the types .txt .c .h .cpp .cs .cp
:P InputText expand font for text, InputText can be of the types .txt .c .h .cpp .cs .cp
:Q quiet, error messages only in %ERRORLEVEL% and the file BatchErrorLog.txt so no pop-ups
:R InputFilter is remove characters from font, InputFilter can be of the types .txt .c .h .cpp .cs .cp
:S save Unicode output text as UTF-8 file format
:T FontName:value choice of TrueType or OpenType font already installed in Windows
:U u/8/1/3 output text string type Unicode, UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32
:V r/l output text string converter for mostly RightToLeft or LeftToRight text
:W n/s/b weight of added characters Normal, SemiBold Bold
:X u/x output text string hexadecimal notation for UTF \u0000 or \x0000
:Y y/n italics Yes or No
:Z 1/2/4/8 bit per pixel for new font

For a detailed description of all batch options and commands download IconEdit and see IconEditManual.pdf Appendix 10.

Samples of Batch commands for Bitmap Fonts

Minimum command look for a new font based on a text or text catalogue:

C:\iconedit\IconEdit.exe :24 :OC:\texts\Text.cpp :FC:\fonts\OptimizedFont.c :Z2 :A

Minimum command look for text optimizing a font based on a text:

C:\iconedit\IconEdit.exe C:\fonts\MasterFont.c :OC:\texts\Text.cpp :FC:\fonts\OptimizedFont.c

Minimum command look for font copy with new look with serifs and 2 bit per pixel anti alias:

C:\iconedit\IconEdit.exe :24 :OC:\fonts\OldFont.cp :FC:\fonts \NewFont.c :A :TTimesNewRoman:18 :Z2

Minimum command look for text optimizing a font based on a text catalogue:

C:\iconedit\IconEdit.exe C:\fonts\MasterFont.c :OC:\texts\Text_1.cpp :FC:\fonts\OptimizedFont.c

IconEdit font and symbol editor home IconEdit font and symbol editor home

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