IOTester® Product Types.

IOTester is provided in two product versions: IOTESTER and IOTESTER-DISP.

IOTESTER-DISP provides extended features for display module handling: Build-in display controller with memory mapped video memory and external 16, 18 or 24 bit RGB display bus. Accelerator hardware with video data copy and fill operations.

Product specification overview




Number of I/O pins45 pins45 pins
External data bus types8-bit byte aligned
16-bit word aligned
16-bit byte aligned
8-bit byte aligned
16-bit word aligned
16-bit byte aligned
6800 / 8080 type clock6800 / 8080 type clock
Max address bus size24-bit24-bit
Bus hardware WAIT supportYesYes
Max number of IOTesters used by
one PC application
External interrupts events
(from all devices)
3 (12)2 (8)
SPI bus supportYesYes
I2C bus supportYesYes
Timer + timer interruptsYesYes
Interrupt controllerYesYes
Timestamp counterYesYes
Interrupt event counterYesYes
RGB display controllerYes-
Video buffer, general image storage Yes, 16 Mb-
Copy / fill acceleratorYes-
PWM signal for backlight controlYes-
Touch screen controllerYes-
PC connection typeUSB 2.0USB 2.0
Max number of IOTester PC
applications active simultaneously
255 (USB limit)255 (USB limit)
Max burst I/O access speed400-600 ns
(USB / PC dependent)
400-600 ns
(USB / PC dependent)
Single read access speed0.5 ms
(USB / PC dependent)
0.5 ms
(USB / PC dependent)
Logic output levels3V33V3
Logic input levels3V3, 5V tolerant3V3, 5V tolerant
Built-in cable impedance
100 ohm100 ohm
ESD / under-voltage / over-voltage
protection on I/O pins
Possible Power supply
sources for IOTester
DC connector (4.5-8V)
Target (3V3)
USB connector (4.5-5V)
DC connector (4.5-8V)
Target (3V3)
USB connector (4.5-5V)
Power supply to target
via IOTester 3V3 regulator
3V3 300mA (USB) or
3V3 500mA (DC con.)
3V3 300mA (USB) or
3V3 500mA (DC con.)
Direct power supply to target via
IOTester DC connector + adaptor
5V 1A (0-8V tolerant)5V 1A (0-8V tolerant)

IOTester product package

  • IOTester box.
  • USB cable to PC.
  • Power adaptor 100V-240V AC to 5V DC. EU, US, UK connectors. Can also supply small target systems such as display modules.
  • 2 x Target test cables. Makes it easy to adapt IOTester to different display connector pin orders.
  • Win32, Win64 driver software for XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10
  • Full documentation and example PC projects. (Addition: Ready-made IOTester example and PC compilation projects are included with all RAMTEX GUI display driver libraries).

IOTester parts

Additional hardware support: FCC/FCB target interface boards

The boards make it easy to create an interface between the IOTester target connectors and display modules with FCC/FCB type connectors.