Extended European Font library
(incl. Anti-aliased fonts)

Price: DKK 585


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Product description:

  • This Extended European font library package is an extension of the European font library package. This font package contains a large number of ready-made B&W (two color) and Grey-level (anti-aliased) fonts:
    • Contains 949 Grey-level pixel fonts and 945 B&W pixel fonts.
    • Contains 1011 fonts using Unicode codepage, and 883 fonts using ISO8859 national code-pages.
    • Each font "look" exists in different sizes.
    • All fonts are created as bit-mapped fonts for fast rending in small embedded systems.
  • These ready-made fonts contains characters from many languages in various combinations: All European languages using Latin, Greek or Cyrillic characters, Middle Eastern languages using Hebrew or Arabic characters including Arabic numbers and presentation forms, Vietnamese and finally Thai including thai numbers.
  • The fonts are delivered as C source code. Can be directly compiled and linked into an embedded application.
  • Directly supported by the RAMTEX display driver libraries.
    • The Grey-level (anti-aliased) fonts can be used with display driver libraries for Grey-scale, and RGB color displays
    • The B&W (two color) fonts can be used with driver libraries for ALL display types: B&W, Grey-scale, and RGB color.
  • See more information here (pdf file): European font library documentation.
  • Note: This product can be supplied via e-mail.
  • If you are an existing Extended European font library customer: Check for new library updates / Update Discounts


Bundled product packages
  • This font library package is also sold bundled with the RGB and Grey-level display driver libraries, or with the Color IconEdit tool, at a reduced price.
  • Use the Color IconEdit tool to View or Edit the fonts.
  • These fonts can be used as-is, or can be used as master fonts for creating application specific custom extensions, or creating reduced, ROM size optimized fonts, containing only those symbols actually used by the given application. The IconEdit tool facilitates this method.
  • Use these fonts as master fonts for creating Virtual Fonts. The VF feature enable the fonts and graphic images to be stored in an external memory device or disk type device, and be used directly from there, with no extra RAM requirement.
    The VF feature enable easy update of fonts after product release time.
    Supported by all RAMTEX display driver libraries.