Font and Icon Editor for embedded B&W applications
 + European B&W font package

Price: DKK 995


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Product description:

  • License for IconEdit B&W tool  +  European B&W font library package. Two bundled products at a reduced price.
  • Ideal for B&W GUI applications.
  • The IconEdit program makes it easy to generate your own graphical symbols and text fonts for the GUI driver library package.
  • Edit graphical symbols in Windows with the same pixel resolution as used in the final embedded GUI application.
  • Comprehensive editing facilities. Direct import of TrueType fonts. Import of bit-map pictures.
  • Save graphical symbols, fonts and palettes as C source tables.  Direct support for the B&W Graphical Dot Matrix LCD driver libraries.
  • The European B&W font package includes a large number of ready-made Unicode and ISO8859 fonts. Each font "look" exists in different sizes.
  • Use these fonts as directly for a quick start, or as template or master fonts when creating your own customized fonts using IconEdit.
  • Note: This product package can be supplied via e-mail.
    You can download the IconEdit program now. The IconEdit tool will run in demo mode until you have purchased a software license. You will receive a software key together with the invoice (as a PDF document file) and the European Font library package.